Monday, 17 February 2014

'For the love of Manchester United! Shake those Golden Balls and look Regal!' - Paul and Mary's Wiltons Wedding...

As it is the month of love and a rather grey Monday morning, I can think of nothing more fitting (and uplifting) then a little post about Paul and Mary.

Paul and Mary have it all! They have a cat, some nifty DIY skills (anyone who has the patience for ‘cutting in’ without masking tape is a genius in my book), they're gorgeous, witty, bright as buttons, they don a unique and rather fabulous style, they have wonderful friends and family and of the utmost importance, they have each other. Ahhhh I hear you coo. Well yes! Coo indeed! These two are ace! And then if that wasn't enough, they chose Wilton's Music Hall for their wedding, which of course means I love them a little more.  

It’s been two years since I last graced the boards at Wiltons Music Hall (note the elevation of my position here – I really wanted to be an actor ;-) and it was with a happy heart that I returned two weeks ago for the following list of awesome:

Little touches like entering the room together – no-one was giving no-one away - they were doing it together! And old photos from family weddings were displayed on their gift table and some must have dated back to the invention of photography – they were a beautiful addition. There were no wedding favours on the tables per se, but under the guise of a food raffles. Clever scamps! Everyone had a number and the correlating number was your gift. It could range from porridge oats to Oregano to a tub of butter – all the ingredients to make up their favourite dishes. I will say the kid who got the porridge oats looked rather perplexed, but he enjoyed putting them on his head. Who wouldn’t?!

Delicious tapas nudged the standard wedding fare off the table and it was very yummy indeed! The Golden Ball rattles (they’re egg shape really but of course Golden Balls sound better) were a lovely touch. The guests were given them as they arrived to shake during the ceremony. When dangling off the balcony about to shoot a big group shot, I yelled down, ‘Hands in the air and a big cheer please everyone woo hoo.’ Doh! Then I remembered, ‘Hands in the air and shake your golden ball thingies please people – YAY’ …rattle rattle rattle - Another excellent addition to a wedding me thinks.

Paul - Burgundy. Velvet. Suit. AMAZING.’ That’s all I need to say in that department. And lest we forget the beautiful and most glamourous bride… a vision is antique gold with the wit and humour of a really, really, really clever funny person. I think they both come from super clever families. In fact, I think everyone was clever at this wedding. Except maybe me and the kid who puts porridge on his head… who knows! I digress….

They both did a little speech and I’m sure there must have been a competition on whose speech would get the most laughs. Well, they both won. If the tog laughs, you can be safe in the knowledge you’re pretty funny people. When Paul said the ‘What’s under the bonnet?’ comment and it was met with a chorus of ‘Spanks!’... it was side-splitting.Thank God for auto-focus!

Big claps must also go to ‘Chief of Staff’ Katie – she did an excellent job and an equally impressive and heartfelt speech. The best men also deserve a mention… they were hilarious! Of note, the Manchester United diary and that amazing poem. Bravo chaps... bravo!

So to finish, Paul and Mary I think you are absolutely perfect for each other. A unique and brilliant couple, you are truly blessed. I’m sure you sit around, DIYing and generally laughing a lot at each other… what a wonderful time your cat must have laughing with you both.

I loved shooting your wedding - you were all such fun and so very welcoming and easy to work with. I felt like one of your guests and that’s very indicative of your generous and lovely personalities, and for that I tip my hat to you!

I wish you all the fabulous things that life has to offer… may it continue to be full of laughter, an ocean of love, DIY heaven and remember… if ever in doubt, look regal and shake your balls! (Sorry Your Honour ;-)

My love and best wishes to you both,

Loukie xx

Ooh and happy Valentines to one and all... xx

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Anonymous said...

Wonderfully evocative photographs, Loukia. Thank you for bringing back the magic of the day. (From the bloke with the grey three-piece and the dodgy haircut)