Saturday, 5 April 2014

Becky, Stuart... The Forgotten Starfish Story and the Mothercare Massive

‘Evil rain… stupid rain’ these were my thoughts as assistant Mikey & I were driving to the Hickstead Hotel for Becky and Stuart’s wedding. Both of us discussing how sorry we feel for brides when they wake up to a mini monsoon flecked with the greyest of grey skies. And then… like a gift from the weather Gods, the most glorious sun and blue sky erupted and all was hunky-dory.Yay!

So I headed off to the girls’ rooms and it was awash with giggles, make-up, shoes, and general female/wedding paraphernalia splayed about the place, hair blowing ala hairdryer, cheeky grins, a couple of camera dodgers and one beautiful, grinning camera-loving bride. I was instantly welcomed in by this lovely lot and made to feel like one of the girls and - to top it all off - Becky gave me, Julie Forster (make-up) and Catherine Varrall (hair) all a little box of chocolates… just to say ‘thank you’. Amazing!

I must say that this wedding featured four generations of the most gorgeous ladies. The star of the show, of course... beautiful, funny, Becky who has got her gorgeous genes from her oh-so-glam mother Jill, who got hers from Grandma (who, by the way was still on the dance floor when we left!). So all these fab genes have passed down to create (with the help of one handsome groom of course) the ceeeeooootest, most precious little girl, Molly. Now Molly gets a big old high five for being so hideously awesome… in fact all the kiddies do and, why the heck not… the adults too! They all get one for being an amazing bunch to work with and for making us feel so welcome. Big claps must also go out to everyone for braving a very windy, cold day in the name of wedding snaps because, quite frankly, it would’ve been rude not to... blue skies, bright sun galore, 'Think you're on a beach people, think you're on a’s not that c c c c cold!’

So the highlights continued with lovely food, some lovingly abusive speeches which had us all in stitches, lots of cheeky boy banter from some cheeky groomsmen, hyper kids doing a race track circuit around the cake, a tip-top romantic first dance and lest we forget - the Mothercare massive (a.k.a. Becky's work colleagues). They arrived just before the first dance and I think I can be forgiven for saying it looked like a hen party had gatecrashed the wedding... little skirts, black ties, white shirts...definitely a hen party. Then from across the dance floor I see arms in the air and a triumphant Becky shouts ‘MOTHERCARE MASSIVE’, they were definitely most welcome ;-).
Starfish was the highlight word of the day which replaced the rather historic 'cheeeeeeese' and there is a story that goes with this... but I can't remember it (typical), it is funny though & a tad juicy... perhaps a little rude so it's best I don't go there, but the photos with the arms outstretched offer a mild visual representation. Cheeky scamps. 

So to Becky and Stuart… thank you for letting Mikey and I be part of your fabulous day! Thank you for being so accommodating and up for anything and thank you for generally being lovely, generous people… You’re a gorgeous couple and your little girl is a true credit to you both. 

I hope you have an amazing marriage and get to enjoy all the wonderful things this incredible world has to offer. 

Go forth, laugh, be happy and keep smiling those gorgeous smiles.

With love and best wishes to you both...

Loukie xx 

P.S. A big thanks to Mike Bradford for assisting and putting up with me saying, 'Get the thingie... y'know... the thingie...' He has termed it a 'Loukiaism'... for which, he will learn,  there are many ;-)  Thanks Mikey x



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