Wednesday, 25 October 2017

'Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours.' Tim and Alice, and their ultra amazing day!

I’m sitting down at my desk contemplating my latest wedding and what to say and the truly bizarre thing is… I can hear the bride and groom upstairs! My neighbours Tim and Alice. They live above, me below and they took the brave steps and booked old loud mouth here to shoot their big day. I have uttered, ‘Just don’t feck it up,’ on one or two occasions since they booked me because let's face it… could be A.W.K.W.A.R.D, but thankfully I’m a pro (sort of, ish, kind of) and hopefully I have done them proud and they won't stomp around too much and play nose-bleed techno at 2am to get back at me.

So how do I describe this perfect day and couple? Simply put, I fell a little bit in love with them both on the day and I totally want to carbon copy their wedding for my own. THIEF! It wouldn't be weird would it?! ;-) I always thought they were the lovely couple upstairs but now I know they’re the AWESOME couple who have mighty fine taste in all things wedding. Their day flowed like a dream... love, happiness, a little craziness, elegance, lots of gorgeous friendly people, pretty flowers, beautiful music, the inspiring and famous venue of Hedsor House (I’m sure it produced a few sore heads the next day paaaaaaaaaaa - mum joke!), and there was even a magician friend on hand to wow the guests (I heard a lot of, 'NO WAY'S" in his wake)... this wedding was just so postcard pretty. And the cherry on the top… check out the blue skies!!

So, to the lovely, lovely Alice. The epitome of a stunning bride. I was totally blown away by her beauty and grace on the day. Calm, caring, joyful, tearful (happy ones), no stress, just excitement and there was not one ounce of bridezilla in that lady. Her hair and make-up was utterly perfect and she looked as gorgeous at the end of the day as she did at the beginning. Big ups must go to Jo Penford and team who worked their magic to ensure everyone looked their tip-top best. And that dress, so simple but so unbelievably exquisite - she blew us all away, her groom especially.

And Tim, a true English gent. Softly spoken, a little shy, but so very handsome in his suit, and then wow, that speech! He conjured his inner comic genius and in the words of Rodders (best man extraordinaire), 'He was a hard act to follow,' but bravo Rodders you did a superb job, and totally did your buddy proud. There's a lot of man-love between those two boys. Plus he handled the preggo lady heckle nicely! Alice’s dad also did a fantastic speech, he had us all in stitches and the love and pride he had for his daughter made me want to weep, it was so beautiful. 

Big overexaggerated hand claps must go to the lovely Andy at Caper and Berry - I shot one of their exec-chef’s wedding a few years ago and hands down they’re one of the best caterers out there. Their food and service is second-to-none. Andy was hilarious too and a total pleasure to work with. Likewise videographer Ben, such a lovely guy, we had good chats in an amongst rushing around like camera-wielding loons.

There is so much I want to say about this wedding and could say, I honestly could write an essay and it’s not because they live above and I totally want to steal their wedding... and friends... and colour scheme, but it’s because of the people they are. Good weddings are indicative of good people with wonderful hearts, and I think Tim and Alice are a true example of this sentiment.

So, Tim and Alice, I hope you love your pics and hopefully you’ll now think I’m the awesome camera lady downstairs and not the loud laughy one with the noisy, ridiculously cute kid ;-)

I wish you all the very best that this magical world has to offer, I know you’ll climb mountains, run more ultras, score centuries, do crazy mental mind-blowing things, and you’ll do it together, strong, happy and so in love.

Love and best wishes to you both, my dear neighbours ;-)

Loukie xx

The Fab Suppliers....

The Venue: Hedsor House
The Dress: Charlie Brear
The Suit: Formal Tailor
Hair and Make-up: Jo Penford
The Caterers: Caper and Berry
The Cake: Clair Whatman
The Videographer: Benjamin Foster
The Flowers: Seventh Heaven Events
The Music: The Salvation Band and Dotted Crotchets String Quartet

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