Friday, 10 January 2014

Nigel, Jen: the ball and chain, a massive toothbrush and a large dose of Chrimbo to go please…

Nothing is more exciting than Christmas (as long as you’re not Scrooge) or a wedding (as long as you’re not devoid of romance) so put the two together and what do you have? A rip-roaring romantic Christmassy fest of amazingness that was Nigel and Jen’s wedding!

Yes, the weather outside was frightful, but by-golly inside was so delightful. Decorations everywhere… Christmas trees, wreathes, snowmen figurine thingies, you name it - Hanbury Manor Hotel had it! A blazing fire, excited kids running around like loons in very cool Converse, a beautiful bride, a gorgeous groom, lots of lovely family and friends and one heck of an ace band. This wedding had the lot!

I arrived just as Chloe Danielle was putting the final touches to Jen’s make-up and I was instantly bowled over by how stunning she looked! We’re talking movie star good looks here, so much so that tears were shed! None of this mamby-pamby normal good looks stuff, but downright gorgeous and she has the personality to back it up – such a lovely gentle soul who is clearly a very doting mother. It had to be mentioned a few times that this was in fact ‘Mummy’s Day’ and not ‘Kids’ Day.’ I’m sure most of the other days of the year are indeed ‘Kids’ Days’. I can hear all parents sigh.

There was much excitement in the room… a real buzz, but Jen was very calm throughout and got into her gorgeous dress from Wedding Trousseau in plenty of time, so we could do some great bridal portraits. I must say all the kids were very cool and so well behaved too… proper little models, all of them! ‘The camera loves you all daaarlings’.

One of my favourite moments from the day was when Jen walked down the aisle… Nigel couldn’t hold back the tears and it was lovely to see so much emotion.  But along with the tears there were equal amounts of laughter, and a ton of ridicule - this lot like to take the big ‘P’ out of each other and it’s super funny!

The speeches were absolutely hilarious. Of note, Riley - a wee 3 year old who clearly has a well-established P-taking sense of humour – unwittingly sabotaged some of his Dad’s jokes by pulling out the props too early; namely, a ball and chain and a giant toothbrush. Nigel also gave Jen’s mum the book, Mother-in-law. Dummies Guide to Cooking – my mouth dropped open, but Jen’s mum almost fell out of her chair laughing. Jen’s father couldn’t resist a loving jibe at Nigel’s inability to keep up with a gazillion miles of walking and also named and shamed Grant (stag-do attendee) for asking what clay pigeons were made of… what a bright scamp, but clearly very proud (see picture).  And it’s not often I have sympathy for a best man, but when you have your new teeth whitened to an inch of their existence you’re going to a) need a bigger brush and b) endure a little gentle banter and teasing from your best friend, the groom. Along with the giant toothbrush, Nigel issued all guests with sunglasses to protect their eyes from said teeth- it was side-splitting!

So the merriment continued, drinks flowed, more laughter ensued and everyone danced their little socks off to Wayne Hart Music - a five-piece band who were simply amazing!

To finish I would like to offer massive congratulations to Nigel and Jen, I think you are a wonderful couple with awesome kiddies to boot. You were genuinely a real pleasure to work with and, to top it off, your friends and family were just as lovely. Everyone made me feel so welcome… I was always greeted with a warm smile and willingness to be photographed. Often I have to deal with camera-dodgers but no no, not with this lot… they loved it ;-).

So… to Nigel and Jen, I wish you and your little ones all the love and luck in the world. May 2014 bring you much laughter and happiness as you embark on your future together and as a family.

Keep smiling those gorgeous smiles and remember, it doesn’t always have to be ‘Kids’ Days.’ 

My love and best wishes to you all!

Loukie xx

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