Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Antony, Sarah, a campervan, the official looking man, and a bit of Noah’s Ark.

A fabulous cheeky mid-week wedding for Antony and Sarah and what an amazing way to spend a Thursday! Photographing two people in love, in one of the best country pubs in West Sussex on one of the most beautiful days of the year.

I run out of superlatives. Sigh.

So, with Antony out of their cottage the bridal prep could start. Tom and Lucy (Sarah’s children) were in tow, both so welcoming and totally on hand for anything their Mum needed. There were only four of us in the house, but the sense of excitement was tangible – it’s amazing how much energy four people can generate! At one point I was on the Bed of Fire (wink wink Sarah) and I was totally on the verge of doing a few little excitement jumps, the type that you would do in a really posh hotel...it was THAT exciting. Sarah looked fabulous! With a little bit of make-up courtesy of her daughter, some 'damn fine genes' a rather gorgeous Zara dress and an intrepid smile, she was ready to marry the man she loves. 

The ceremony itself was wonderful. A delicate affair at Petersfield Registry office with only 16 guests but enough tears to send Noah’s Ark on its merry way. Which leads me nicely onto the reception, The Noah’s Ark country pub in Lurgashall (nice little segue if I do say so myself) a pub with a prime candidate for the ‘Best Burger Ever’ competition if such a thing exists. Tom is the assistant manager at the pub so it felt very personal and the room looked stunning, a cross between a rustic country banquet and a cosy family dining room with a few romantic extras lovingly prepared by Sarah and a chocolate cake that looked like murder for the waistline, homemade by one very talented bride.  

The weather was beautiful, but very bright which comes with a whole host of problems for me - lots of shadows and little shade so I won't say it was easy, but Antony, Sarah and their guests definitely made it a heck of a lot easier then it could have been so thank you everyone for being so awesome; for laughing constantly and for making me feel like one of the guests. I think the pictures show just how much love and happiness there was floating around that day. Hats off to Sarah’s Dad as well for reminding me of the much loved and long forgotten cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oh I chuckled.  

To Sarah and Antony, I think you're awesome; I laughed so much throughout the day and I have to say one of my favourite moments was your insistence that the unsuspecting official-looking man in the yellow jacket had his picture taken! I laughed so hard I think the shot is slightly out of focus!  You’re both such fun, so easygoing and your families and friends are a real credit to you both. Everyone was lovely and completely up for being silly and enjoying such a special day. I didn’t once feel like an outsider and I think that’s indicative of just how ace you two are. It was also great to see Gav again (best man extraordinaire) who I haven’t seen for about 10 years! I must also say that it was lovely meeting Rod from www.retrocampervan.com - we had a good old chinwag over burgers. 

So to end my chatter, I wish you both all the very best for your future together. If you keep laughing as much as you did, keep smiling with all that love, and keep your nearest and dearest super close, I think you’re in for a fun ride!  Just keep the candles away from the bed y'hear ;-)

Big love to you both!

Loukie xx