Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tim and Hannah - The Hay Bales, the Dare-devils and the Evolution of Man.

When you have a bride and groom who are so lovely you could squeeze them, completely chilled out and crazy gorgeous - what else can you expect from their wedding other than totes chilled and pretty as a picture? For starters, they got married in the sweetest little church… you know the type: chocolate box all over with a steeple on top, and then the reception was at Hannah's family home which is to die for! It's so beautifully presented with immaculate lawns, pretty borders, a stream running through it, yes, a stream! A stream that one groom (who shall remain nameless) fell in once upon a time ;-). It also has some of the most incredible views of the Downs and I mustn't forget the gravel drive! It's prized and perfect - an obsession of Hannah's dad Paul. Well, we all have our prized items that's for sure. Paul and Barbara have created an incredible family home and surely there can be no better place in the world to watch your little girl marry the man she loves… your own home and the very place she grew up in.

Onto this fine young couple then... Kiwi Tim and beautiful (British) Hannah (the flags were of course flying high!) are probably the most easy-going couple anyone could wish to meet. Not only are they beautiful outside, but they radiate that genuine warmth, humour and lovelyjubbliness that mighty fine people possess inside. You can see it in their friends and their family too - everyone was lovely and the best men were just a treat! Very helpful, very funny, completely silly and I think they did the man proud. Plenty of gentle humiliation peppered with affection and of course… who can forget the Happiness Graph - a stroke of pure comic genius!

Amongst the many highlights of the day, one that sticks out for me has to be hay bales. Boys + hay bales = dare-devils ahoy! My inner Grandma was a little unnerved by this and kept saying, 'Ooh do be careful up there' (the inner child was giggling and snapping away). And then later in the evening a great depiction of the Evolution of Man ensued. Refer to pic good people. It was a very funny moment.

All in all, this was a fabulous day with a ton of character... there was even some cheeky bootleg doing the rounds, and a flying Scotsman of all things (pesky hay bales again!), a help-yourself pint puller thingiemebob that serves beer (I clearly don't drink the stuff), a BBQ of champions, plus Sarah Banham and her team couldn't have been more accommodating. I could go on and on! Ooh and that dress! Hannah looked stunning and wore it so beautifully. And Tim’s speech! So heartfelt. This wedding was all kinds of perfect… emotive, romantic, funny and not an ounce of pomp to be seen. Who could ask for more?

Tim and Hannah, well done. Ace wedding chaps! You were so patient and just brilliant fun to work with and you made it very easy for Mikey and I. Thank you!

I would just like to wish you both many years of happiness together. You're a super cute couple and deserve nothing but the very best. May life bring you stacks of the fun stuff, lots of love and laughter and many-a swanky car to ease the ride!
Go forth, keep the Happiness Chart peaked and if things ever get a little too dramatic, just remember NOTHING can be as dramatic as your church exit music ;-)

My love and best wishes to you both...

Loukie x

P.S. A massive thank you must go out to Mikey for his sterling assisting work. Thanks Mikey!!

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