Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Charlotte & Tom, the Unhelpful Dress & the Unwelcome Pole (not a wedding-crasher person from Poland, but an actual pole…made of wood)

All you can do when a bride is stuck in her dress (designed by none other than herself and made by Danielle Taylor), surrounded by laughing girls trying to be helpful by tucking in her boobies, is laugh and continue to shoot. When Charlotte emerged (think Chilean miners after their 69 day ordeal) she was flustered but laughing. This is highly indicative of her character. I'm sure there is a ruthless business tycoon-type brainy-person underneath that killer smile, but I don't think I've ever seen it; just a loving, happy-go-lucky beautiful lady. And how wonderful then for her to meet someone of equal stature in Tom! I'm sure there is a ruthless tycoon-type person in him too, but alas it evades me. Maybe they sit in bed at night plotting to take over the world a la Pinky and The Brain (for anyone who remembers that little beauty), who knows? Maybe they will, but they'll make everyone love them first and I’m 100% positive they’ll be late for said take-over of earth ;-). 

Which reminds me, kudos for the entrance! Amazing! Points deducted for massive pole in my way and big bump on my head, but hey, it’s not the first time I’ve bashed myself running after a bride and groom backwards whilst listening to X-factor entrance music. 

Tom and Charlotte's big day was one heck of a success. There was an army of laughter emitting from an army of friends and family! They invited tonnes of people thinking there would be many 'no can do's' but, of course, everyone wanted to be there so it was literally an army! Without a doubt, there was LOTS of alcohol, exceedingly tasty fodder thanks to the caterers Cook and Buttle, some mighty fine music courtesy of Dave Nicholls, Kenee, Charlotte's sister Rosie - possibly the coolest Mummy and bridesmaid I have met and her hub Dave Atkinson - they had everyone up and dancing… like loons... I have serious photographic evidence.  

I think there was a dance-off, but I don’t know who won. Likewise, I’m not sure who won the Wooden Spoon. There were some real contenders this time, but I don’t think the reigning champion came close. There was a real babble of wonderful-crazy as* friends from both sides of the aisle and lest we forget, some very ornate/beautiful and outrageously ridiculous hats and some rather loud strides. It has to be said, it was an excellent idea for wedding attire and I think everyone embraced it fully. Especially the man who wore a headpiece made of a branch with a bird attached. Genius. 

I must thank Tato for helping as always, Ed, Els' Dave and Nick - who all assisted in some very difficult weather conditions. I salute you all! 

Charlotte and Tom, I think you are both the bee’s knees. Where on earth does that expression come from? I just Googled the 'best celebrity knees' but it appears no one has good knees so I'm sticking with...Charlotte and Tom, you are the bee's knees! Beautiful inside and out and not only that, you pulled an amazing wedding out of the bag and you recently did the Etape. I'm so impressed with you two scamps. One mountain closer to taking over the world hey!

My sincere congratulations to you both and you know that if it rains on your wedding day, it's super good luck, but I think you already know that you're pretty lucky. You met each other after all! 

My love and best wishes to you both. 

Loukie xxx

P.S. If you do take over the world, remember me yeah? ;-)