Monday, 18 June 2012

George, Maneet, the Propeller and the Peacock

Howling winds, torrential rain, umbrellas galore...or so the people on the telly predicted. BUT none of this happened because I had a word, and the weather was luuuverly. Moments of moody gloom short-lived and out-shadowed by a gentle sun and a warm air. Moods were high, smiles were abundant and even the ice cream lady was doing great business.

This was the wedding day of George and Maneet. George, archetypal English gentleman (or ‘English Rose’ as lovingly termed by his new wife) and Maneet, intelligent, forthright and beautiful; two cultures beautifully merged in a tasteful nod to each and sprinkled with a good dose of fun from both.

Held at The Larmer Tree, a truly magical place apparently created for the 'enlightenment and entertainment’ of the public by General Pitt Rivers in 1880. Well this venue boasts it all and even throws in some determined peacocks for good measure who wander around aimlessly looking for admirers and no doubt food.

My favorite part of the day is usually the bridal preparations and Maneet’s didn’t disappoint. Whilst she is a beautiful woman who takes pride in her appearance, she clearly has the ability to laugh at herself and thinks nothing of letting you take a picture of her eating chips in her knick-knocks. Good girl! Her mother, sister and bridesmaids were all so lovely and made me feel very welcome. It’s a very private time so for me to feel so at ease is a real tribute to the people I was photographing. Another favourite, first, and possibly only time I will witness it was the use of a propeller to cut the cake. As family traditions go, that's a pretty nifty one! 

I must thank The Larmer Tree’s wedding coordinator Carol, who is a gem of a lady and made sure everything happened as it was meant to and never without a huge smile on her face. Likewise, it was great to meet the band 'Rich Austin and The Maestros' and find out we share mutual friends, always a bonus! 

Lastly, to Maneet and George, a beautiful couple who were such fun to work with, a pleasure to deal with in the run up to the day and who should be safe in the knowledge that they pulled off a fabulous day. Your friends were hilarious and I especially loved the 'alternative' best man's you didn't see that one coming George?!  Also, 'Lighting Boy' (so named by George's Dad) was amazing, I couldn't thank him enough! Your families were lovely and eccentric (the best combo!) and your love for each other, evident. I hope that your life together will be full of the love and happiness you both deserve and I thank you again for allowing me to play a small part in your journey together.

Go forth, eat chips and be happy ;-) 

With much love,

Loukie xx 

P.S. One final thank you...this one is to my boyfriend for forgiving me for taking off the wing mirror on his pride and joy. Next time I will take heed when warned about the dangers of country lanes, wind and branches. It did give everyone a good laugh though so every cloud n'all ;-)