Monday, 10 October 2016

Viva la love - Alex, Erin and Alarcón

Off to Spain I popped. Sans baby, and with a very important job to do. Alex and Erin's big Spanish wedding! They planned a treat of a day and unlike any other I have shot, this was small and intimate but with all the gusto and detail of a right royal shindig. And where better for such an affair, but a seriously, SERIOUSLY old and amazing castle (13 centuries of history old!). Older than my Mum!

What I loved most was Alex and Erin wanted everything to be personal and for all their suppliers to be part of their inner crowd and part of their day. Et voila Diana and Tim, wedding planners extraordinaire! Friends of Alex's parents and wonderfully talented and super-duper people. I loved them! They made sure everything went without a hitch, and pulled out all the stops for this gorgeous couple. I shot Chris’ wedding (Alex’s brother) a few years back, so of course I'm now one of the in-crowd ;-) and then - and you don't get much more personal than this - Chris and Jason (Erin’s brother) conducted the service! Yup, Jason officiated (thanks to the internet and the State of California yee-ha) and Chris conducted (‘What-ho”)… I shall use my Americanisms and Britishisms with reckless abandon. What a beautiful ceremony... honest, personal, romantic and outside (in what was lovingly termed the carpark - hmm nice car park!) surrounded by the most beautiful Spanish vista and witnessed by 40 of their nearest and dearest. Maravilloso!

Alex and Erin are a right old pair of beauties! Ooooh I could squish 'em. It's not every day you get a wedding where you can do all the couple shots in the morning. The first look! Very American. I was more than happy to indulge and to have actual time to shoot was such a coup for me. Normally it's 'RUSH RUSH GO GO', but this time we took our time and enjoyed ambling around the village, finding little spots to photograph, it was awesome. Plus, it helps when your bride looks like she has worked a thousand Vogue covers and her soon-to-be-hub is an ever-dashing English gent. Who, I might add, had the biggest Cheshire Cat grin on his face ALL DAY - Awww... Love, it's such a beautiful thing!

Of course no self-respecting wedding would be the same without a massive feast (to think of the dining that has taken place in that stunning room!) and a big old knees-up to see out the night, and not one to boast, but even I cut some (red wine) shapes on that dance floor. Oh there were some moves! Everyone was up on their feet, wigs out, glow-sticks blazing, fans fanning (Alex's parents gave all the guests a fan - what a touch!), there was even a few breakaway dance-offs and all to the sounds of classic floor fillers courtesy of DJ John.

I think I finally clambered into bed at about 2am, exhausted but happy. What a day! What a place! And what a couple! I could waffle on for an age about it all, but to finish I shall say a big old thank you to Diana and Tim for all your help and good humour throughout, to Alli, Erin’s lovely maid of honour and my glamorous assistant (I hope you got better quickly!) and to Chris and Nat for ferrying me about and to everyone else for being downright awesome. My biggest thanks is reserved for the new Mr and Mrs Wootton though, thank you for flying me over and for being such an amazing couple to work with - I hope I did you proud and the photos bring back lots of magical memories!

I wish you every happiness in your life together. Go forth, stay happy and keep smiling those beautiful smiles!

My love and best wishes to you both,

Loukie x

A very important P.S.
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