Monday, 21 September 2015

Felix, Ed - A wedding of the highest order… but get me to the church on time!

Now anyone who has ever read my blog will know I don’t shy away from fessing up the odd little faux pas here or there, but I never thought I’d be confessing to nearly standing up the bride on her big day. Never were the words truer, ‘Just get me to the church on time!’

If you’ve seen Zoolander, well… the poor chap just can’t turn left. I think I may suffer the same affliction. I turned right out of the farm merrily heading to the church. Oh no, no, no Loukia! It’s left. You turn left! Yes, I got a little bit lost and with no phone signal or GPS… Oh my!

So I headed back to the farm and like an angel from heaven, there was Mark Kemp, the lovely hairstylist who had worked his magic on Felix's hair earlier. ‘Get me to the church’ I pleaded and thankfully he hopped in his car without a second thought and I followed him. A thousand ‘thank you’s’ Mark! And to my second-shooter Tristan for his foresight to get into the church ready for Felix to arrive, and to the lovely man I threw my keys at whilst again pleading, ‘Park my car!' as I hurled myself into the church, cameras flaying and f.i.n.a.l.l.y thank you to the gentleman who climbed into my car to retrieve said keys. Lordy! I made it in the nick-of-time. All four of you are heroes! I must add, every cloud n'all… if all this hadn’t of happened certain shots wouldn’t have been achieved and and so I think it was meant to be... serendipitous moment indeed!

So onto the most important and glorious day that was Felix and Ed’s wedding. It was a big one. Lots of people of the highest and friendliest order. Everyone was dressed impeccably - to the nines my dears - and looking gorgeous. It was so hard to tell who the ushers were as all the men had donned morning suits. Suits you all Sirs! And the girls, well, they all looked amazing; they embodied the height of fashion! But best of all, of course, without question, the beautiful, the lovely, Felix! Gorgeous inside and out and such a pleasure to be around, she has to be one of the easiest and most down-to-earth brides I have ever worked with. When I mouthed, ‘I’M SOOOO SORRY’ to her, she simply smiled and said she didn’t even notice, I LOVE YOU FELIX! And the dress, oh that dress, dearest dress, I LOVE YOU TOO! What a fit, GOODNESS it was gorgeous. Well done to the designers at Le Spose di Gio! I gush I know, but I’m a girl and it looked unbelievably good. A perfect silhouette! And then Ed, what a handsome and gracious groom! Together they make the perfect couple. They giggled all the way through and I don’t think there are many photos where they aren’t grinning ear-to-ear and laughing; A lot of laughter. Tis good, tis good! A great sign for a fabulous marriage ;-)

There are so many things to enthuse about this wedding… firstly, the farm/Felix’s family home, what a gorgeous setting! The HUGE marquee and beautiful table decs, the romantic flowers (bravo Green Parlour), the stunning food (both self-confessed foodies so naturally it was superb!) by the the lovely caterers Real Catering, the fab cake made especially by nephew George Pride (8 and 3/4yrs old) - the baker extraordinaire! The pretty little church of St. Denys' and the fantastic service given by Father Steve which was enjoyed by 80 others in a marquee outside on a big screen… the church was too small to accommodate everyone… hmm no wonder I couldn’t find the place (wink wink)!

Of enormous note, I must pay tribute to the speeches - all heartfelt, beautifully eloquent, and peppered with moments of pure comedy gold. Best Man Ben, I doff my hat to you Sir… bravo! His impersonation of a young Ed writing home was side-splitting. The laughter reverberated the surrounding fields I swear, everyone was hysterically chuckling at Ed’s so-called eating habits and the thought of a chubby Ed seems rather distant to the current handsome groom before us. However, taken for his word, Ben had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

In all, this was a day of love and beauty like no other. Grand and yet personal, a statement wedding and yet cosy and intimate, opulent yet romantic… it was perfect and very fitting for these two lovebirds.

Felix and Ed, I thank you for being wonderful to work with, for your ease, grace and good-humour and for your lovely friends and family. I always say good people are indicative of those around them, and your lot are quite simply an awesome bunch! And I’m deeply sorry for almost standing you up Felix! What can I say? Like Zoolander, I just can’t turn left ;-)

So go forth my dears, eat like kings… get chubs on happiness, laugh like jokers and grow old together knowing you are a wonderful couple... a perfect match chaps!

I wish you all the very best for a happy, silly and fun-filled life together.

With much love and musings,

Loukie x

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