Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lucy, Tom, Florence, those there Diamond boys and THE AMBUSH

One of the best things happened at this wedding. I got ambushed. YEAH BABY. Ambushed by a bunch of gorgeous, talented, hilarious muscians (sorry tato - the other half... but you would've loved it tooooooo!!). I was bundled into a photobooth, LOVED every minute and thankfully there is photographic evidence. Alas, I wasn't the only one. Loads of people got ambushed. *Sobs*. I'm's not specials. But my God, those there Diamond Boys are more than just diamonds. Whatever 'more than diamonds' could possibly be. They had everyone up dancing, giggling... like school girls! Singing... they certainly get a party started and made a few people blush. Everyone should just drop what they're doing, pick up the phone, call Lemon Entertainment (Lucys brainchild) and hire them. Imediatoso. Facto. Even just for day-to-day living quite frankly.

So for my first wedding of the year, it certainly reminded me why I love what I do. Getting ambushed! No, people. I love people. They are just generally brilliant. And Lucy, Tom and all their friends and family were nothing short of it. Hilarious, warm, smiley, happy bods all of them. They welcomed me in, made me chuckle, fed me yum food and provided me with brilliant photo ops throughout the day.  Of course there was the occassional 'talk to the hand/back', hand-in-my-camera-backs-in-my-face-jokers (you know who you are tutt tutt) but deeeeeep deeeeep down, they loved it! They really do.

So not only are Lucy and Tom hideously in love and ridiculously gorgeous they have some amazing people surrounding them. ESPECIALLY one of the cutest girlies around. Florence. The giggler, the dancer and... I think... the wannabe singer (top lungs), she had all the men swooning. There were some brilliant moments of that little lady and I'm so happy I was able to capture them.

The day was held at the Lythe Hill Hotel in Haslemere (a.k.a. Hassle-mere as named by one of the band - I actually lived there once - whispers - I wouldn't say he's that far off the mark - ssshhh I didn't say that) and there is a lake that sits just behind the venue and provides a stunning location for couple portraits, I could've spent hours out there shooting, but it was pretty brrrrr and Rikki's posh shoes were getting muddy, Lucy was getting cold, my nose was morphing into Rudolphs, but Tom, Tom just smiled and looked like the cat who caught the massive mouse, doused in the big ol' cream. A happy man indeed. And who wouldn't be with two gorgeous girls to love him and join him through life. Big hand claps everyone! Big hand claps also to my lovely friend, past client and very helpful assistant Rikki, who did the arduous task of holding an umbrella... when there was no rain. 

A must-mention... the talented Mr Tom Monger! Harpist extraordinaire for Florence and the Machine, he played whilst Lucy entered the ceremony room. It was all very beautiful and elegant. He's good. Very, very good.  

So without further ado it gives me great pleasure to announce (perhaps I have played witness to one too many speeches) that I think Lucy and Tom, you're BOSS! Clearly 'BOSS' is a word too cool for me, but I'm just trying to find new ways to say you're gorgeous, stunning people who I wish every happiness upon and PLUS PLUS PLUS a big congrats on cooking the new one. May it brew well and not be a bird. As in twit-two. Not slang for laaaaddddeeeee. One of Tom's fears. Along with moustache misplacement, but I wont go into that as I'm DONE.

Ciao mon chickas... I hope these images are a good conjurer-up-errrr of your no-doubt magical memories of said splendid day :)

With much love, mispellings and musings.

Loukie xxx

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