Monday, 6 August 2012

Wonderful Wormley Wedding (that's Wormley in Surrey and not something to do with worms)

What can I say about a wedding that within the first hour I am rapping (badly) the Prince of Bel Air ‘In West Philadelphia born n’raised…’ with the bridesmaids? Or a wedding held in a family home that’s garden has been entirely re-made, re-planted, re-modeled and documented here just for this special day? Or a wedding where Kate (Maid of Honour) made FOUR, yes FOUR, of the bridesmaid dresses? And her Aunty Christine made the fifth dress and (along with Katie's cousin) arranged all the flowers as well? Where Gillian, Super Mum and all round talented lady made the wedding dress? Where the forecast was appalling and only the sun made an appearance? Where all the table lavender was from a Aunty Mandy's garden? Where the DJ, Dylan Roberts was bridesmaid Daisy's brother? Where the bride took three attempts to throw the bouquet and then on the final attempt it was caught by Mandy who has been with Frank for 35 years? (You should have seen his face!)

Awesome! That’s what you call this wedding. This was one awesomely personal, beautiful and blessed wedding. And it was Katie and Ryan’s humanist wedding conducted by Jim Trimmer (legal biz was carried out the day before). I feel like I have known this couple and family for so long. They are warm, welcoming, loving and very talented. Katie’s Mum Gillian and Dad Bob have worked so very hard to create the perfect day for their daughter Katie and it has to be said, it was perfect. The garden looked magnificent and the marquee perfect in its place and decorated with pretty vintage jars, roses, flowers, Thistle, Lavender and polaroid pictures …it was wonderful. The food was so, so good…meat to die for (I'm always thinking about my stomach so thank you Caper and Berry)! And their family and friends were funny, welcoming, such good fun and all incredibly useful and helpful! I was so impressed by how much everyone put into it and kept putting into it throughout the day. 

Gillian created such a unique and stunning dress for Katie and she looked amazing. Elegant, flawless (fab to see make-up artist Stella again -, beautiful and every ounce the gracious and relaxed bride and of course a damn fine yummy Mummy to 9 month old Emme. Ryan looked so handsome (even when he blinks;-)) and delivered an excellent comedic speech as did his brother Dean and best friend Shep, who had us all crying with laughter. Trust the best men to produce such an ominous box (see pictures) on poor Ryan's wedding can always rely on your best men to stitch you up!   

To finish I would like to congratulate both Ryan and Katie, you make a wonderful couple...a little bit posh, a little bit South London (and a little bit Welsh), a little bit funny and a lot gorgeous. I hope your journey through this crazy world will be full of happiness and love and I sincerely hope that one day when Emme is a little older, she will look back on the pictures and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them. 

My love and best wishes to you all,

Loukie xx