Friday, 5 August 2016

Matt and Polly - a mighty fine wedding caper & the best man that went 'there'

Ordinarily I wouldn't start with the food, but as Matt is exec chef of Caper and Berry and y’know… the groom, it's going to be 'pull out all the stops, guns blazing kinda thing'… and these chaps are now my fave caterers. In a bizarre twist I was chatting to a client last week and I happened to mention I had the best wedding food at my last wedding and knock me down with a kebab, no word of a lie when I uttered the words Caper and Berry there was a big girlie shriek ’NOOOO WAAAAYYYYY…. THEY’RE THE CATERERS I’VE BOOKED!’ ’Nooooooooooo waaaaaaay indeed!' Needless to say, she was overjoyed that I had given such an unsolicited glowing report of the food and their service. It really was some of the best wedding food I have eaten and I’ve eaten A LOT!

The service was held in St. Luke’s, Milland - a wonderful church nestled in the heart of West Sussex and the ceremony was conducted by the lovely Trish - I couldn’t think of a nicer person to marry anyone quite frankly. PLUS she let me be up front - a rarity I can assure you!

After the service and in the words of Jarvis Cocker we headed off to ‘Somewhere, somewhere in a field in Hampshire,' Stroud actually, and with a big, beautiful marquee courtesy of Veils and Bales Events ( it all looked stunning! Inside there were so many little details, all placed to perfection... romantic hearts, stone place names, macaroon favours (La Papillion), a MASSIVE love sign (LOVE them!!), a glorious cake, pretty flowers (The Real Flower Company) and hay bales galore and HAMMERSCHLARGEN - I had never heard of this game but it seemed very popular and when I had a go, I was like, ‘This is eeeaasssyyy, what’s all the fuss about’ - guy behind me - ‘ Um…you need to turn the hammer around love.’ ‘Ah! Ah yes.’ (hangs head in shame)

There were some real loveable characters at this wedding and some crazy cute kids to boot, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and of course the most important people, Matt and Polly were AWESOME and thank the camera Gods, amazing to photograph. What a beautiful couple! They were always happy to be dragged outside for ‘JUST ONE MORE PHOTO I PROMISE' bless them and I noticed Matt is a 'thumbs up’ man. ME TOO! He also likes a high five. That’s where he loses me… I panic at high fives, don’t look where I'm hitting and miss… it’s all very disappointing, especially for the recipient ;-)

Polly looked so beautiful, everything about her was perfect and I can sum it up nicely when one of the flower girls, maniacally waving and pointing at her Barbie yelled, ‘Look Polly, it’s you!’ Polly, thank God you didn't look like my Barbie! She was always naked with a shockingly bad haircut and broken legs! In my world, you most definitely looked better than Barbie ;-) These two have been together a long time and it's very easy to see the enormous love between them and it was so adorable during some of the couple shots Matt just stopped, looked at his wife in the distance and when I asked if he was ok, he said, ‘Wow just look at her, she's stopped me in my tracks.’ Awwww… like something from a movie!

Polly's sister and maid of honour Emily put together a brilliant video tribute and it was a total surprise to them both. It had everyone giggling and OH THE TEARS!! Poor best man John started his speech with... 'I have to follow THAT??? Jeeeeezus!' But boy did he follow that. With the vigour of a Dad unleashed he went for it and went to places I never thought possible for a best man to go. 'Those three little words', 'after-hour' antics... I won’t go into detail, but anyone who was there will just KNOW and know what I mean. He went THERE, twice haha. It was without doubt one of the funniest, most daring speeches and Matt's head looked like it was about to explode he was laughing so hard. 

There is so much more I can say about this amazing wedding, but the final thing I’ll mention is the throwing of the bouquet. Never before have I seen an usher, so stealth in his approach and so cunning as to hide in the pack only to emerge (like Skippy the Kangaroo) practically rugby tackling poor Emily to the ground and rising victorious with the bouquet. She didn’t stand a chance poor thing, but the whole thing was absolutely hilarious.

Everything about this wedding was magical… the people, the venues, the food and even the weather held out and was great. Matt and Polly I think you organised a truly fantastic day, you should be very proud and I can honestly say it was an absolute pleasure to witness and be part of it. I hope the photos will bring it all flooding back in a lovely bubbly warm happy way!

So here’s a big ol’ thumbs up to you all, and a massive (if a little pathetic) high five - you nailed it, you’re married woo hoo and no doubt one day soon there will be mini high fives and tiny thumbs-up all round.

I wish you all the love and luck in the world, go forth, cook up a storm, create fireworks… (OOPS!!!! Sorry about that - private joke people, private joke) and have fun chaps!

With love and best wishes,

Loukie x

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