Thursday, 3 August 2017

Jon, Lisa - The flamingos, fancy dress and surprise guests.

When Lisa and Jon first told me the inspiration for their wedding, my brain went flip crazy and instead of hearing ‘Wes Anderson’, I heard 'Wes Craven.' Hmm. ‘Right, OK, so you’re going for a Freddie Kruger / horror theme.'… Instantly picturing Jon saying 'I do!' In a Freddie costume. NO LOUKIA! Silly brain. Grand Budapest Hotel, Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom and so on and so on…

In light of this, where better than to set your scene in the Southern Pavillion at Worthing Pier. A big beautiful sea-bound heavenly nod to glam, glitz and getting your rocks on... twenties style! Featuring big love, big personalities, big balloons, and a load of pretty flamingoes. Including a really big one!

The centrepieces were individually decorated flamingos and simply put, each one was a work of art. Specially chosen friends and family all designed, decorated and lovingly crafted each one and the time and effort that must have gone into them is quite astounding… especially from Jon’s mum Jen who did four of them! That’s a mother’s love right there - such amazing talent.
My favourite was George and Sophie’s - past wedding clients - so of course... a little biased perhaps and what do you I do to show my appreciation and bias? Yup, fail to take its picture. DOH DOH DOH. Lisa and Jon, Soph and George… a thousand apologies. Hopefully, the gazillion other pics will sway your speedy forgiveness!

So on to the most important thing, the couple! Awesome, sweet, funny, beautiful - Jon and Lisa. What an amazing pair they are. The fine genes have certainly rubbed off on their kiddywinks. Gorgeous Finn aka Cat boy (his get-up should be a prerequisite for all infant wedding attire in my opinion) and the lovely Martha, dressed in the cutest flamingo dress I could just squidge her… Bless her, she found it all a little overwhelming at points and it won't be the first time I’ve shot a wedding where the bride and groom exchange vows holding their kids, but when you’re two and five, things like weddings don’t have quite the same meaning as they do to the adults. I admire Jon and Lisa for their patience because when your kids are crying, and you have important things to do, like y’know GET MARRIED and have pictures taken, and the wind is smacking you in the face, you would quite happily sell them to the circus ;-) Ssshhh I didn’t say that ;-) But in true pro-parent-bride-groom style, they took it all in their stride!

Moving on… ah yes, The Surprise. Little did Jon know that one of his best buds Andy would be flying the long arduous OZ-UK journey to attend and as every groom expects his bride to walk down the aisle… an Aussie male walked down instead. Haha. Jon was absolutely blown away by this, and I distinctly remember hearing the words, ‘Jesus I can’t cry already!’ It was one of life's very special moments.

But this wedding was full of special moments; The speeches... lots of tears and even more laughs, each one was funny and tear jerking in equal measure. And when you have two best men, you’re kinda asking for a bit of embarrassment and hilarity really. Then onto the amazing bridesmaids, what a fabulous bunch of ladies to call your best friends. I'm not quite sure we nailed 'The Bridesmaid' shot, but I’m guessing we did it UK style - a bit of wind, a little bit of rain, a grey backdrop and a lot of laughter. Thanks to everyone for braving the weather in the name of photography... it was windy out there!
I mustn't forget the food (Red Anywhere Catering), and the music (the Swing Ninja's) were a delight for the tummies and ears and I must thank the lovely venue coordinator Andrea, who couldn't have been more helpful.

So to finish, I would like to wish this wonderful couple the happiest and most joyful life the universe can muster. It hasn’t been an easy ride for them at times, but together and with their family, they're an amazing team and can get through anything!

So... good people, take note... when life throws you angry flamingos, do what they did... get your family and mates to do ‘em up and make ‘em beautiful ;-)

My love, best wishes and flamingo kisses to you,

Loukie xx

Friday, 27 January 2017

Daisy, Olly, The Helicopter and some shoop shooping ski theme wedding shoopiness

Ok, so we have snow, skis, ski boots, ski lifts, vin chaud, fires that roar, a mountain backdrop, wowzers… I’M FINALLY SKIING! No, no... I’m actually at a wedding. Daisy and Olly’s beautiful snow-capped wedding of AWESOME. They're ski, kite surfing-adrenaline crazies (level of crazy can be measured by the fact they went skinny dipping in the sea IN JANUARY the night of the wedding.. err yup, cRaaaaZy). So when Daisy said her family don’t do things by halves, slap-me-on-the-face-with-a-frozen-trout she wasn’t joking. No detail was left to chance, they must have worked their heated-socks-off the day before, because it was brilliant. There was even a snow machine at the church, and one at Southend Barns, and her little niece Lilly even entered the church on a sleigh pulled by Abigail (her other niece), it was too cute!

There were beer barrels, snow boots, antique skis, pine cones, lanterns, a massive ski/could be 80’s themed or Russian-esque dressing up box, a ski-lift photo booth area-type-thingie. The main course, (but of course) was tartiflette, all glowingly guzzled down with shots of Jagermeister. Rewind to earlier and Daisy, her bridesmaids, and mama-bride Candi were all dressed in matching PJ’s. It’s all in the details people! There were even ski cufflinks for heaven’s sake. Oof I didn’t know where to start and I have had one to two nervous moments thinking, ‘Did I get everything?’ because dear peeps, THERE WAS A LOT! It was stunning, I was seriously impressed. Daisy and Olly should be incredibly proud because their guests were red faced (ski-tanned) and loving it, the drink flowed, the food was devoured, the groom's and best man’s speeches were both sprinkled with a full on dumping of comic genius, the laughter was infectious (I properly chuckled my way through it) and my personal fave – because I think about my stomach a lot – the amazing hotdogs at the end of the night. I shoved that thing in my mouth so fast I had heartburn the whole way home... hic...

BUT BUT BUT I haven’t even got to the main bit… yes yes they got married in a beautiful church, St. James in Birdham, yes yes very important obvs. but... (rubs hands together) THEY GOT A HELICOPTER TO THE RECEPTION!! Who does that? Haha. They do, ‘cos they’re awesome! Daisy’s brother Sam piloted the chopper and chop chop off they went up in the sky to the loud cheers and waves from their guests. Definitely don’t do things by halves this lot. Then to top it off Daisy and Olly did a pretty nifty dance number and ended with the lift from Dirty Dancing (!!!). I thought that was pretty impressive but when I saw how often they both were lifted and crowd surfed I realised this is probably a regular thing for them, y’know Friday night apr├Ęs-ski antics n'all...

All this just makes me want to go skiing or have Daisy organise my wedding yuh huh.
They chose some great suppliers… moi of course (... oh stop it...), lovely videographer Alex Haynes, fab catering by Field and Fork, the brilliant Great Scott Band who had everyone up and dancing like loons, and all the ladies were beautifully coiffed by Mark Lewis and his team PLUS who better to do your make-up than your own mama! Bravo Candi not only did you produce a beauty in Daisy but you made her look amazing on her wedding day too. And that gorgeous dress!  At the end of the night said dress' hem was totally brown, as were her shoes. Sign of a seriously good wedding in my opinion! Lest I forget the groom, the handsome groom, dressed to impress and impress he did. With his hipflask (pokey man liquor... wedding essential!) good humour and groomsmen by his side, he was ready to marry the woman he loves ahhh.

I could go on and on, and on and on… but I shall leave with saying what a crowd, what a couple, what a day! Hopefully they loved every minute of it and didn't end up with hypothermia. ;-)
So Daisy and Olly, you crazy kids... here's wishing you the very best for your action/fun filled lives together, I feel positively envious of your energy and zest for life and adventure... go forth, keep safe, and my top tip to you (in the words of Frank Zappa), 'Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow!' Over n' out.

My love, and eskimo kisses to you both,

Loukie x

N.B. To view larger images please click on the first photo and scroll through... happy viewing :)