Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dom, Rose - Music, movies, love and little cosmic jokes...

Why hello wedding world and welcome back me! It’s been 6 months since my last wedding and boy did it feel good to flex those camera muscles again. Nowadays I’m all nappies n’gurgles, so what an amazing wedding to bring me back into the realm of romance and cake. Held at the illustrious Cinema Museum, this one had all the elements of a great movie; romance, comedy, a little drama, good mise-en-scene, awesome soundtrack, protagonists the audience are rooting for et voila… one to watch!

This was the wedding of the one-and-only Dom VT and his stunning Rose. No anti-heros here, just heroes (more movie puns to come… sorry!). Rose looked incredible and if she was trying to resemble a character from a Shakespeare play, she nailed it. If Snow White and Titania had a lovechild, Rose would emerge as said child. A truly beautiful bride inside and out. In Dom’s speech he gave an example of just how unselfish this lady is… not a dry eye m’dears! I was welling, he was welling, everyone was welling and the story he told made us all fall in love with her a little more. Of course all good brides have an amazing ensemble cast and Rose’s tipped the boat. A mighty fine gaggle of bridesmaids who were so happy for her and so helpful too. And Rose’s mum… PROUD AS PUNCH and who can blame her, her daughter is an angel and was marrying the man she loves. And as groom’s go… Dom looked very handsome. A dapper gent in his tweed and supported nicely by his fellow ushers and usherette also donning the tweed (I loves a bit of tweed), everyone looked fit for the part.

On to the THE ASYLUM (bold to convey drama) for the ceremony. Now I know what you’re thinking, an Asylum? Are they mad?! HA (just flexin’ m’new Mum humour) The Asylum in Peckham is one special venue and God I wish I had more time there. It’s dilapidated, it’s crumbling, it’s romantic, it's GORGEOUS! Personally I couldn’t think of a better place to say 'I DO' and looking at the smiles on those two faces and the cheshire cat impressions of the guests, I don’t think they could either.

After the ceremony Dom and Rose decided to do something a little different and leave their guests munching on canapés and guzzling fizz and venture over to 'Seven’ in Brixton. This is where they had their first date. "Awww" I hear you say, and it was, "Awwww" and such a great idea! A quickie cocktail (it looked like a smoking skull and it gave you one too), some photos and a processional walk through the village (with lots of congratulatory claps and smiles from bystanders I’m happy to say) and we were back in the taxi and heading to The Cinema Museum.

When you’re surrounded by so much talent, of course all the elements are going to be seriously good. Firstly, the music - One of Rose’s bridesmaids Nicole played the harp at the ceremony, Dom and Olivier did a couple of acoustic numbers, there was a hauntingly beautiful performance by Cellist Abi Wade, a much loved Doll and the Kicks reunion set and then over to Toby Aimes the filmmaker and photographer who actually ended up DJing at the end of the night… a wedding score like no other! The speeches were pretty top notch too, lots of laughs, buckets of tears and big up to Olivier, the professional best-man for nailing the speech yet again and to Rose’s sister Hannah for her very lovely and funny take on the best-girls speech.  The tour de force though had to be Deano’s film. "Blood, sweat and tears" I heard him wimper, but it was brilliant, very funny and such a tribute to a remarkable pair. And finally, and most importantly (in my book cos I’m an oink) the food! All the canapés (about a 1000 of them) were lovingly made by Dom’s Dad Marc and partner Lyssa and were ridiculously yum. Likewise, the caterers (Maven Foods) had us all happily chomping on a delicious spread and then later, ‘Did someone order pizza?’ HELL YEAH… like a college kids dream, a pizza van showed up (thank you Ruffood Pizza) and what can I say, I went back for fourths. And of course I mustn’t forget the cake which was wonderful with such elegant design and made by Dom’s mum Sarah. Bravo all, such a talented bunch!

I could wax lyrical about this wedding for hours, but I shall leave you with this final thought, I have seen many weddings and been present at many intimate moments in people’s lives (Just call me Oh Wise One ;-) and I have come to realise that it’s all about kindness. Being kind to one another is the greatest gift of respect you can bestow on others and especially the ones you love and I see oozles (this isn't a word, but I like it) with Dom and Rose in their work, with their families and with each other. Akin to a Hans Christian Anderson title, 'The Atheist and the Believer', you’re kindness will see you through, of that I have no doubt. So go forth my dears, keep kind, keep creative and to para-phrase Rose, how sweet a cosmic joke, for God to have sent her an atheist. I couldn't have put it better myself. 

My love and musings to you both.

Loukie xx