Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Anthony and Alice - Love in the time of a pandemic...it’s a ‘boy’ ‘girl’ thing

Well, let me start by saying it’s good to be back! Goodness knows how long for this time (thanks Covid), but after a lengthy maternity leave, settling into life with two kiddies and enough shock and grief to sink a really big heart, what better way to restore it than by delving into 'love,' 'weddings,' 'photography' and all things pretty and meaningful. I can’t think of a better way to lift the soul than to witness a wonderful couple committing to each other in front those they love.

We may be in pandemic, we may have had to wear masks, the viewfinder may have steamed up a little, and there may have only been 15 guests, but what we lacked in numbers we made up for with oodles of loveliness and fun. 

Alice chose the prettiest of bridal tea-dresses and sparked notions of Audrey Hepburn tottering around as a London bride; simply stunning! And that beautiful dimpled smile she wore throughout the day was a constant reminder that she could, quite possibly be, the happiest girl alive. Anthony wore his ‘only’ suit, and thank goodness it’s a good one as he looked every bit the gorgeous groom. What a wonderful couple and word on the street (speeches) - they have some brains to match too. Yay! Brains and beauty and tons of talent. POWER COUPLE ALERT! Take cover ;-)

The service was held at Streatham Liberal Synagogue and presided over by Rabbi Nathan, who did a fabulous job of uniting these two in a relaxed Jewish ceremony. He couldn’t have been lovelier either and I do believe this may have been his first wedding so may I say, Nathan, you have a long a successful wedding career ahead of you! With 15 guests the service felt informal and intimate and big-ups must go to page boy Sam who did an excellent job as the ring bearer… I think there may be a future performer in that little one!

So, I think we would have all liked to rip our masks off in a dramatic graduation style flinging, but they did bring their own element of interest as Alice had made everyone ‘Owl’ masks. Now, Anthony and Alice are keen on owls. Very keen. And it appears to be quite a thing. People love owls! So what better way to show your love for the furry feathers during a pandemic then to present your guests with handmade owl face coverings! This is where the small number of guests comes in handy ‘ey Alice ;-).

A leisurely stroll to Tooting Common followed, with family pics, bubbles and couple portraits by the lake. The weather gods were smiling and bestowed some beautiful soft light, and the giggles and smiles flowed… these may possibly have been the calmest, easiest formal shots I have ever taken and I think that’s predominantly down to the small numbers and the fact that each and every person present wore a friendly smile and welcomed me in with a great big socially distanced hug. 

Photos done, we all hopped onto the mini-bus and off we popped to South Ken and the fabulous Ognisko Restaurant for a 4 course feast (even I indulged in the full shebang). The food was delicious, the service outstanding and the private dining room was the most perfect space for a small, elegant wedding. The speeches followed and this is where I learned Alice and Anthony’s terms of endearment for each other… ‘boy’ and ‘girl’, it’s kinda cute and a little bit cool… very post-modern.

I really admire that they carried on with their wedding despite the relentless uncertainty and although it wasn’t the big wedding they planned, it was the most beautiful day filled with love, beauty, happiness and silliness, the perfect elements for the best weddings. It will go down as one of my favourites to shoot. ‘Owl’ always love it! Ah ha (sorry!)

I was buzzing when I got home. My husband asked, ‘How was it? and as I plopped on the sofa I replied, ‘They were fabulous... it was fabulous!’ Lets hope more people opt for small and fabulous and kick Covid in the cahooners, and say their ‘I do’s’ regardless.

So to Anthony and Alice, thank you for choosing me...I hope the photos warm your hearts, take you back and make you smile. What a time to get married. Something to tell the grandkids ‘ey.

I wish you both all the love in the world and every happiness as you go forward in your POWER COUPLE AMAZINGNESS (fist bump)

Loukie xx

The fab Suppliers:

The Ceremony: South London Liberal Synagogue
The Venue: Ognisko Polish Restaurant
The Dress: JJ’s House
The Suit: Gieves and Hawkes
Hair: Niketa Hair Lounge
Make-up: Bride
The Caterers: Ognisko Polish Restaurant
The Cake: M&S
The Flowers: Indaco Flowers