Monday, 20 November 2017

Vicky, Paul and Poles Hall

Oh how lovely to be back at the beautiful Hanbury Manor for the wedding of Vicky and Paul… the newly appointed Mr. and Mrs. O'Brart. I shot Vicky's sister's wedding about 7 years ago, so I was delighted to be asked to do Vicky and Paul's  - it's always such a treat to see the familiar smiling faces of a past bride and groom at another wedding.

The ceremony was held in Poles Hall - a beautiful old church within Hanbury. It a pretty special spot and it looked absolutely stunning, an ideal place to say 'I do.' Vicky put a lot of work into planning the day and making it look so perfect and it certainly did. From printed dressing gowns for all the bridal party to lavishly decorated tables, stunning stationery, romantic flower arrangements, groom and best man cufflinks and socks, you name it... the list is endless and there was even a LOVE sign. LOVE a LOVE sign!!

And the cake, awww it was just perfect too! Lovingly made and decorated by Alice Scott of Classy Bakes who is just starting out in the business, I was so impressed and it was a perfect size! I think Alice will go far, and she's only 18! Bravo lady!

Last time I saw Vicky's daughter Charlotte she was a just a teeny weeny bridesmaid and now here was a gorgeous young woman walking her Mum down the aisle. She looked so proud her heart could burst. Vicky looked ever the beautiful bride, and if smiles could speak, hers would say that she was possibly the happiest woman alive. She beamed throughout the ceremony, as did Paul. It was wonderful to see. I even got a sneaky pic of Vicky's bestie shedding a tear!

The speeches were a definite highlight. Best man and Paul's eldest son Elliott strummed the ukelele and put a new spin on Elton John's 'Your Song' - it was so sweet and funny. Incredibly impressive! With a big happy nod to this union and a few tears, Charlotte gave a speech which had everyone blubbing - it was so beautifully honest and from the heart, everyone, especially Vicky, was totally blown away by it.

There were some lovely moments in this wedding, Paul and Vicky were relaxed and great fun during the couple portraits and the light was just so dreamy I could've kept them out there for an age. We even managed to get a big family jumping shot on the giant chess board. Hooray! Everyone loves a jumping shot!

Big bravos must go to the lovely Master of Ceremonies Jango for doing a great job and to the lovely staff at Hanbury and to the kids of Vicky and Paul, the bridal party, I was really blown away by how lovely and gorgeous they all were. Paul and Vicky, you should be very proud indeed, such a beautiful brood.

So to Vicky and Paul, I hope you are having an amazing honeymoon in Cuba... I'm not jealous at all, honest I'm not ;-) And I wish you both the very best for your future together, go forth be happy, love and be loved and keeping smiling those gorgeous smiles!

Love and best wishes to you both.

Loukie x

The Fab Suppliers....
The Venue: Hanbury Manor
The Dress: Anna Sorrano
The Suit: Youngs Hire
Hair and Make-up: Kate Morris
The Caterers: Hanbury Manor
The Cake: Alice Scott Classy Bakes
The Flowers: Maples Flowers
The Music: Just Smile