Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Ollie, Romy - ancient ruins and long-time romance

A long time ago, The Dorset, Brighton. My vodka days. Those who know, know. Ollie slurs to me, ‘Loukie, one day I’m gonna ****ing marry her,’ pointing to a very young and very beautiful Romy at the bar. And in my drunken haze, I had zero doubt he meant every word. At this point they had only been together for a couple of years so y’know, could’ve gone either way, but no no, not these two. Because these two are special. Their love is unique and after 10 years together they have grown and weathered the gamut that life throws at us humans, and standing watching them finally saying their ‘I do's you’d think they’d been together for 10 minutes and still in that early fluttery, ‘OH MY GOD I’VE JUST MET THE MOST AMAZING PERSON’ phase. The tears, the love, the utter joy on their faces. Ollie looked like the cat that got the cream and I have never seen Romy look happier or more beautiful. I think everyone who witnessed it would agree, this was one special day and two very special people.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself, I’ll start at the beginning. South Lodge Hotel, excitement is bubbling, hair is being perfected by the super lovely Julia, make-up is being expertly applied by one of Romy’s besties and make-up guru, Bianca. Kate is lounging and sporting the biggest bundle of keys I ever did see. Prosecco is being gulped, Eloise is doing her stretches and little sis Sophie has just taken in a special gift. At this point Romy is fully made-up and Ollie has sent the most beautiful love letter, which of course sets her off. Tissues are out, tears are streaming, frantic attempts to preserve the make-up are being yelled ‘DAB Romy DAB’ ‘For the love of God, DAAAAAAB,’ but credit to Bianca’s work, pretty cry-proof! Ollie foresaw this outcome so naturally, like a true gent, had already penned an apology for ruining her make-up.

I loved the atmosphere in the hotel, it was calm and relaxed, but fizzing with excitement… and what a stunning bunch of bridesmaids all pretty in their dusky pink ‘same, same but different’ dresses. But of course, the
pièce de résistance was Romy - one of the most beautiful, gentle souls I’ve ever met. It’s an honour to call her a friend. And the dress, oh that heaven-sent dress! Bravo Stephanie Allin, a masterful creator, it was elegance personified and fitted like a dream and made an already very stunning lady look off-the-scale-smack-her-with-a-beauty-brush-beautiful.

After all the lovely getting-ready shenanigans, I dashed to Slaugham Place. A medieval gem, nestled somewhere in the heart of Sussex and what a venue, quite ridiculously amazing. Who doesn’t love a ruin or two?! The marquee was decorated to utter perfection, it was so romantic and pretty and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the place names, good choice guys! And there was even a sweetie table courtesy of Sophie and
fiancé Kassim. I had the jitters and fuzzy teeth by the end of the night, but hey, can never stray far from a sweetie buffet bar. Huge praise must go to the very lovely Sheila (Ollie’s mum), family friend Michelle and Aunty Joanne for the flowers, they were so beautifully and professionally arranged. Well done ladies... what a talented trio!

Rikki did a very sweet and funny speech, he kept it short, but it packed a hearty punch, well done buddy! And Ollie couldn’t have given a lovelier, funnier or more perfect speech and dedication to his new wife. I was super impressed too with the dancing at the end by Ollie's sister Eloise and Jordan - it was an amazing tribute to Dad Chris (Eloise and Chris would always do the jive together - ooh I would've loved to have seen it) but Jordan was an excellent partner and BEJESUS they could move, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Exhausted at the end, enormous smiles plastered across their faces, the crowd whooped, they cheered, all as astounded as I was at just how fast people can move their feet and body simultaneously without ending up in A&E.

Throughout the day, there were tears of joy and some of sadness for absent family, but there was a tonne of laughter and such a damn good vibe throughout. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces too. Awesome couple + awesome friends and family = AWESOME WEDDINGS and this gaggle of gems is my case in point. I run out of superlatives. There are no more words, except Romy and Ollie, go forth you lil’beauties, have happy healed hearts, have incredible adventures, defo have sprogs (they're awesome) and teach them to play drums... LOUD! And just keep being your amazing selves, together.

Dad Chris would be very proud of you both.

My love and biggest hugs to you both,

Loukie xx

The Fab Suppliers....

The Venue: Super Events at Slaugham Place
The Dress: Stephanie Allin
The Suit: Moss Bross
Julia at Not Another Stylist 

Make-up: Bianca Bonjour
The Caterers:
Super Events

The Cake:
Birch House Bakery
The Flowers: Friend Michelle, groom's mum Sheila and his Aunty Joanne
The Music:
JC Band
- Lemon Entertainment 
Photo Booth: Coco Photo Booths