Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Amy and Joe - Love/Vole and their Buxted Beauty

Why heelloooo Buxted! And what a lovely venue you are. Big, beautiful, elegant and yet strangely intimate – you couldn’t have been more perfect for Amy and Joe’s big day. And what a day it was! There was an abundance of LOVE - emotionally and physically speaking – there was a MASSIVE sign after all. Of course it nudged its way into just one or two pics… no self-respecting enormo-sign would turn down a photo op or the opportunity to turn itself into VOLE later on. I blame the ushers ;-)

It also had one of the best ceremony readings I have heard; a string of movie quotes delivered perfectly by ushers Huntly Thomas and Jon Oakey. In a deadpan ‘man’ way… ‘man in a kilt’ way in fact! Par exemple: 
HUNTLY: From ‘The Princess Bride’ – “I told you I would always come for you. Why didn't you wait for me?”
JON: “Well, you were dead…”
HUNTLY: “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”
JON: “I will never doubt again.”
HUNTLY: “There will never be a need.”

They went on, making us laugh and making us smile. It was really very funny and thoughtfully done and a lovely personal touch to the ceremony. 

So… with limited shooting time, it was action stations go,go, go! But Amy and Joe were incredibly easy to work with and so accommodating, and for two people who say the camera hates them… Tsss! I, and my trusty camera, beg to differ. You both looked amazing... the camera loves you darlings!  Joe, the dapper gent all suited and booted and Amy + that dress = WOW… it gave the most perfect silhouette and she looked so beautiful in it. And of course I mustn’t forget their little girl Emily who made the cutest bridesmaid… she smiled, laughed and cried her way through and did what all good humans [16 month olds] do… GO NUTS for the bubble machine! Woo hoo! Who wouldn’t!

I wasn’t there for the speeches, but Joe very kindly sent me a section of his and I quote… Tissues at the ready good people… 

"I love that she has the thinnest pillow in the world - seriously, the pillow case material is thicker than the pillow inside!

I love that when we first got together she would suggest we spend our Sundays going on long walks with the binoculars for bird watching... but I love even more that 30 seconds later she'd say ‘or we could just sit on the sofa with a roast, a bottle of wine and watch a Bond film...!’

I love that she knows more of the answers than I do when we do a crossword, and she’ll always be my first choice partner on a quiz team, or in a darts game or playing pool. I love that she's a talented musician and an accomplished sailor, I love it when she makes me laugh so much that I can't breathe and it starts to hurt but I don't ever want it to stop. I love that we watch World's Strongest Man together, that she shows an interest in how Watford are doing and genuinely means it, that we've held hands together at a Bruce Springsteen concert and moshed together at an Ash concert. I love that she orders veggie food ALL the time because she knows it make me happy, knowing I can never return the favour. I love the mother she is to Emily and the father she makes me want to be. I love that she's the best parallel parker I've ever seen. I love that she's kind, compassionate and ultimately I love the fact that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me because anything less would just be too short."

What he said is beautiful and real; so real. My tears ducts certainly thought so. Thank you to Joe for sending it to me. I don't know how I can follow on from it other than to wish them all the very best as they venture forward into this crazy world together. Go gently, love deeply and before you know it, those binoculars will be out and you'll be bird watching ;-)

Thank you for letting me be part of your day. 

With much love, luck and happiness to you both.  

Loukie xx